KNOTH Automation becomes part of SEMA Technology Group

The SEMA Technology Group extends its product range further with ecological cleaning systems and therewith strengthens its position as an Austrian-based complete solution provider for complex machining and automation tasks.

SEMA already offered innovative machine tools, quality machine components and smart automation solutions. Since April, environmentally friendly cleaning systems for industrial machining have complement SEMA'S core competencies.

SEMA was found by Adolf Schacherleitner in 1988 to design custom-built machines. So far, the group has about 200 employees in its main divisions. With the acquisition of KNOTH, another 50 employees are joining the team. The group’s headquarters in Traunkirchen is currently being enlarged to meet the growing requirements of an expanding company. Nevertheless, both the KNOTH trademark and the operational KNOTH facility in Vienna will remain. The new ownership structure ensures not only financial backing for KNOTH, but also that KNOTH co-owner David Schacherleitner, who grew up in the machine tools business of his father, can contribute his knowledge, experience, and passion as managing partner of KNOTH.

With more than 60 registered patents and utility models, KNOTH brought a considerable amount of sophisticated technologies to the group. Explaining his main motivation for the friendly takeover, Adolf Schacherleitnre said, “Ecological Cleaning perfectly complemented our existing range of expertise, as a lot of high precision work pieces are used in sensitive products eventually.”

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