Cross Feed Devices

For contour and lathe machining of cubic workpieces!

++ Facing head / facing slide
++ Actuating tool / slide tool

SEMA Machine Tools offers the right cross feed device for actuating tools and facing slides, with a freely programmable, rotary driven axis system (u-axis).

The applications range from pre-machining to fully machined complex contours. Actuating tools open up high streamlining and optimization potential for machine tools. The same tool can be used for a wide range of operations, for example to eliminate the need for various form cutters for complex internal contours. Another advantage is the elimination of lathing, which improves productivity and profitability.

Cross Feed Devices

For actuating tools and facing slides, the translational movement of the push/pull rod is redirected into radial or inclined actuating movements by the mechanical elements of the slide drive.

Rotary Bar Drive

If the maximum force arising for a system with push/pull rod is too high, the unit is coupled with a rotary bar drive. A rotary bar driven by an additional motor is situated in the main drive spindle. If both rotational speeds are identical, the tool position on the facing slide does not change. If a rotational speed difference arises (e.g. due to a reduction in the revolutions per minute at the rotary bar motor) the tool position changes.

The performance of the cross feed device must be sufficiently dimensioned since the tensile or rotational force is dependent upon the rotation speed and stroke. Thanks to many implemented applications and the resulting know-how, SEMA Machine Tools is the ideal partner for the use and implementation of actuating tools or facing slides.

Mechatronic Facing Slide

Mechatronic facing slides are also used on machine tools from SEMA. Mapal offers the system TOOLTRONIC®, and the manufacturer KOMET offers the KomTronic®. SEMA Machine Tools is familiar with both systems and has used them both successfully.

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