Highest Flexibility by Modular Design.

++ Parallel two-directional end machining
++ Turning, milling, drilling, threading, facing

Our X-SERIES of end facing machines are modular all-rounders for the machining of axle- and shaft-shaped work pieces. 


For work pieces with a maximum length of 600 mm, the ME-40-X is the best choice for end machining operations. In up to 8 machining stations, the workpieces can be processed on one or both ends. The corresponding isolated working space offers protection on all sides for the electronic and mechanical components during end machining. The ME-40-X is designed as an efficient complete system that can also be expanded with diverse feeding systems or tool turrets.


For work pieces with a maximum length of 1,000 mm, the ME-60-X brings even more power to end machining. The specially developed disk-type turrets are designed for the lightning-fast changing of individual machining tools (tool changing time < 1.5 seconds). Expanding the system with a rotary table allows various additional assemblies to be added to the ME-60-X as well as loading parallel to the machining time (e.g. turning operation).



For large and heavy workpieces (length > 1,000 mm) we designed the ME-100-X. The machine concept was developed for truly large jobs, but consideration was given to compact designs, regardless the size and solid construction. The fully enclosed machining space offers perfect protection for the electronic and mechanical components. This enables very good chip removal and ensures very good access on all sides despite the protective isolation. The various tool spindle concepts of the XXL end machining system support a large spectrum of possible uses, which can be further expanded with a tool changer. The tool changers can hold much more than 20 tools on each side. With a double changer and the special storage system, tool changing times of just seconds can be realized. The tools can be easily swapped out on the front sides of the machine outside of the machining space.


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