Our MC Solutions are highly efficient machining centers for the production of complex parts: drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing, deburring ... we combine your needs at minimized cycle times and high flexibility.

Especially for medium-size productions, or for mass productions with variable lot sizes: the custom-built machines from SEMA Machine Tools are the ideal solution for short cycle times and high flexibility! Drilling and milling machines are designed entirely according to the individual requirements.

The cycle time is reduced by either multi-sided complete machining of the work piece without re-clamping or, the simultaneous machining of multiple parts, or by using a revolving table for loading and unloading in parallel with the machining time.

Chaining and integration of diverse machining processes all the way to complete turnkey solutions! SEMA Machine Tools offer a wide range of solutions, which can be noticed in the range of different work pieces that have already been manufactured using machine tools from SEMA.


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