Deep Hole Drilling (MC)

Excellence in Deep Hole Drilling

++ Minimized cycle times by the use of rotary tables and multiple machining units
++ Flexible tool requirements
++ Minimum lubrication technology


The combination of deep hole drilling and short cycle times represents a great technological problem in machine building. SEMA Machine Tools has risen to this challenge and offers its customers a multi-spindle concept for deep hole drilling applications. For even shorter cycle times, the deep hole drilling machine can be equipped with a rotary table for loading in parallel with the machining time.

The SEMA deep hole drilling machine can be operated with a single-lip drill and a twist drill. Coolant overpressure is used for cooling and lubricating, and a 1- or 2-channel minimum lubrication system is also used. 1- and 2-channel minimum lubrication systems can even be combined within a single system. The use of minimum lubrication technology in the deep hole drilling machine significantly increases the efficiency. The benefits of low purchase and operating costs are clear. SEMA Machine Tools is an industry leader when it comes to deep hole drilling systems with minimum lubrication!

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