D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)

Complete Deburring - with a stand-alone machine or a process-integrated solution!

++ Rotary Transfer Deburring for minimized processing time and multiple deburring stations
++ Integrated Deburring Station in a rotary transfer machine
++ Deburring of axle and shaft-shaped work pieces in end facing machine setup
++ Deburring of bulky parts or small lot sizes
++ Robot-aided deburring in a stand-alone deburring cell

We will find the right solution for your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.





++ Precise chamfering (in the 100ths range)
++ No special tools needed
++ Minimized machining times
++ Retooling time is none or very short

What to choose: dry machining or wet machining (with emulsion or oil)? This depends on the preparation of the workpiece. If the work piece is wet or damp, SEMA recommends performing the deburring process in the same medium as the previous process. If the workpiece is dry, the deburring process can also be dry. All deburring solutions can be automated with a gantry or else with robots, handling systems, or feeding systems. Upon request, SEMA can include this automation in the offer. SEMA can also supply other supplementary equipment.



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