High Efficiency and Compact Layout

++ parallel three-directional machining
++ drilling, milling, threading, facing
++ 3 to 8 stations

The V-SERIES are vertical rotary transfer machines that specialize in efficient productivity on limited floor space.



 Our MT-40-V processes workpieces up to 100 mm cube size on 3 to 6 stations. The vertical machine design allows the machining of the workpiece from 3 directions simultaneously, while the tool spindle moves about freely on its x,- y-, and z-axes.



Of course, our V-SERIES offers machine types for larger work pieces (up to 200 mm cube size) as well. The MT-60-V is another vertical rotary transfer machine and processes up to 2 work pieces on each of its 3 to 8 stations simultaneously. Moreover, the work piece can be machined from three directions at the same time.


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