Company Profile and Heritage

The SEMA Technology Group, still managed by its founder and owner, is based in Traunkirchen, Austria. With an international network of partners, we support our customers worldwide. Both our level of vertical integration and our range of trusted suppliers allow us to maintain a stable supply chain.

From a Single Engineer to a Global Player

1988 Adolf Schacherleitner gets himself a drawing board and starts engineering machines for various customers.
1989 Several months later the decision is taken to do more than just offer drawing. The company moves to Gmunden and starts building the machines it has designed in house - with the help of two employees.
1991 SEMA extends its reach and becomes an exhibitor at the ROBOT trade fair. Experiences success.
1993 A new location is acquired in Traunkirchen. It is refurbished and prepared to become SEMA's headquarters (which happened in early 1994).
1995 SEMA starts teaching young apprentices how to become machine engineers.
1996 The first new production hall is built in Traunkirchen.
1998 Ten years after its foundation, SEMA has about 30 motivated employees.
2000 ISO 9001/2000 - SEMA introduces its corporate quality management.
2001 SEMA's rapid growth makes a new production hall necessary.
2003 While "Hall 3" is on its way, SEMA Precision Parts (now SEMA Service GmbH) is founded.
2004 SEMA takes over the BRIO brand.
2007 With a new machine concept "HDC", SEMA starts to standardize machines and introduces its modular systems design.
2008 SEMA now employs over 100 persons and celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2011 Another extension of the production hall doubles the floor to 7,500 square meters.
2014 A new area for apprentice training and even more room for engineering and production made another extension of the buildings inevitable (now 9.000 sqm).
2017 Ten years after the first steps towards standardization, SEMA Technology Group has developed into a complete solution provider in terms of engineering, automation, service and machine components.
2018 The Traunkirchen site is again extended in SEMA's 30th anniversary year. Just under 200 employees will soon be working on a area covering some 12,000 square metres.
2019 Award for excellent apprenticeship training INEO Award.
Award Charter - "We give future" Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Economy.
2020 Training partner of the Technical Secondary School and Polytechnic School Gmunden.
2021 New logistics concept with specially developed tool dispensing system Heidi Tool Box.
And new machining center - expansion of production capacity and quality improvement.
2022 Photovoltaic plant expansion - Our entire plant produces so much electricity that we can cover a large part of sustainable power supply. With 500 kW peak, we cover 60% of our total consumption. Our electricity has been 100% green for years.


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