Technical Service Excellence

Rely on our competence for a future of smooth production!

Whether a repair, training, or system optimization, you are always in good hands with SEMA Machine Tools when it comes to preparing your machine tool for a future of smooth production.
In order to deliver on this promise, we have massively expanded our service area.

With a refined service concept, we are now in a position to address the needs of our customers as quickly as possible. Comprehensive service packages are available to ensure a fast response. Even third-party systems pose no difficulties for us. Give us a chance to impress you with our service concepts and order your fault-free production today.


Machine Inspections

A thorough inspection of your machine tool is an essential part of the maintenance that follows. We inspect your system, identify any deviations, and organize the required replacement parts in order to guarantee quick completion of the repair work.

The inspection generally includes the condition of the belts, rails, feed spindles, linear drives, and the safety equipment as well as the chip protection and isolation components. As a customer, you can also choose from a comprehensive supplemental program and design your own individual inspection. The inspection will be carried out point for point at planned intervals as agreed.


Machine Maintenance

The maintenance of your system should be a fixed part of your production and manufacturing philosophy. The automotive industry has been showing us the way for years by contributing to our safety with regular inspections and maintenance. We would now like to bring this level of safety to you as well and have prepared a thorough maintenance program to meet the needs of our customers.

Your machining system will be inspected according to an individual, customer-orientated checklist and the appropriate maintenance will be performed. The necessary parts replacements identified in the inspection will be completed -- including testing -- within a specified maintenance window. After a comprehensive set of tests followed by production supervision, the system will be returned to the customer.

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