High-Quality Machine Components for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

Welcome to SEMA Maschinenbau, your expert for high-precision machine components. Our extensive experience and comprehensive know-how enable us to develop innovative solutions in short cycle times. With our in-house manufacturing, we can make spare parts readily available and ensure the highest precision, which is only reliably achieved in our own component lab.

Your Benefits:

  • In-house Manufacturing: Many of our machine components are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring continuous improvement and optimization. With our modular construction, we offer a diverse range of components, including custom-made solutions tailored to customer specifications.
  • Precision Tool Spindles: Our precision tool spindles are suitable for a variety of machining applications, offering high precision and durability. Available in various configurations, they provide exceptional performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Feed Units for Precise Movements: Our feed units offer high precision and reliability, with a stable construction and variable belt housing arrangement. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide smooth movements for efficient machining operations.
  • Axis Units for Multi-Axis Machining: Our axis units allow for multi-axis machining, offering stability and precision with roll guides and a compact design. They are finely tuned to optimize space, forces, and accuracy, providing significant productivity advantages.
  • Faceplate Devices for Contour and Turning Operations: Our faceplate devices enable contour and turning operations on cubic workpieces, offering flexibility and precision for complex machining tasks.
  • Rotary Drive Systems for Efficient Operations: Our rotary drive systems provide efficient operations, particularly when high force applications are required. With precise control of speed and stroke, they enable complex machining tasks with high precision.

Enhance your manufacturing capabilities with our high-quality machine components. Explore our product range now and take the first step towards transforming your production processes.


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